Monday, 17 November 2008

Leadership Week 3 November to 17 November

Eagle eyed readers will notice that this week's leadership review covers a two week period. This is nothing more sinister than a reflection of how busy I have been. Nonetheless, I've still been reading and keeping up to date and I would encourage every current and aspiring leader to do precisely that - it's a key part of staying on top of your game!

1. Mimi Bacilek posted a great article titled, Bringing your firm through chaos, a real measure of leader's success. Her advice can be applied to leading any group of people in these uncertain times and includes - rallying the troops, empowering teams and rewarding success.

2. Building on Mimi's article Dan McCarthy asks the question, Leading through chaos, does a manager need a psychology degree? His conclusion is that while qualifications are useful, there can be no substitute for experience.

3. Appearing as a guest writer on Tom Peter's blog, John O'Leary discusses Leadership Farming. The suggestion is that great leaders are defined by the product of the talent they nurture. It has really developed into an interesting debate with over 40 comments so far (these are also well worth reading).

4. On the Leadership Now blog, Michael McKinney has posted an excerpt from Tony Wagner's, The Global Achievement Gap on the Seven Survival Skills for the New World of Work that include Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Agility, Entrepreneurship, Communication and Analytical Skills.

5. On his Strategic HCM blog Jon Ingham begins an excellent article by discussing Ulrich's Leadership Code before going on to suggest his own enhancements to the basic model. Both parts are well worth considering.

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