Monday, 19 October 2009

Where are the Hot Spots in your company?

"You always know when you are in a Hot Spot. You feel energized and vibrantly alive. Your brain is buzzing with ideas and the people around you share your joy and excitement. The energy is palpable, bright, shining."

This is an extract from the excellent book Hot Spots by Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice at London Business School. Dr Gratton's research is based on a number of in-depth case studies and Cooperative Advantage Research in collaboration with executives and teams from seventeen companies. The aim was to explore why some companies buzz with energy and innovation and others don't.

In conclusion, Dr Gratton found that there were four key elements:

Element 1 - A cooperative mindset. This is the basic assumption and expectation of ourselves and others that we will behave in a coopertaive and supportive manner.

Element 2 - Boundary spanning. For true Hot Spots to emerge, initial networks need to expand from immediate colleagues to stretch across the boundaries of groups, functions and companies.

Element 3 - Igniting purpose. An igniting purpose provides the focus for the energy that has been created and can be triggered by an igniting vision, an igniting question or an igniting task.

Element 4 - Productive capacity. For value to be created from a Hot Spot, there needs top be an emphasis on productive practices. Depending on the complexity of the Hot Spot this might include appreciating talents, making commitments, resolving conflicts, synchronizing time and establishing a rhythm.

Dr Gratton then goes on to consider the leader's role in Hot Spots, designing for the emergence of Hot Spots and resources for creating Hot Spots. It is a truly innovative and ground breaking study of teams and organizations that are a cut above the rest and includes some excellent case studies, examples and anecdotes that bring the text and concepts alive.

Hot Spots can be purchased online

and you can visit the Hot Spots website

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