Monday, 8 June 2009

Managing Talent

Attract and retain the most talented employees by managing talent and save your organization time, money and resources. This article will provide you with talent management strategies and solutions that help companies succeed. Whether you're an executive, a manager or a team leader, the following information will be beneficial to you.

Talent management strategies have evolved significantly in the last few years as technological advancement becomes a calculated, competitive edge for businesses. Progressive companies use talent management solutions to interface, or even integrate the multiple solutions they employ, empowering them to recruit, hire, develop, retain, engage and promote top talent seamlessly.
Since the widespread recognition of the importance of human capital in organizations, enterprise companies are creating talent management strategies that align people with business objectives to conquer challenges and create a competitive advantage. By investing in new technology and ongoing research, your organization can proactively eliminate hiring, on-boarding, employee development, talent retention and career planning issues before they begin and address challenges that already exist.

There are many talent management strategies that can help your organization cope with the many employee issues you currently face. Here are some examples:

Applicant Tracking
Businesses employing large numbers of workers face unique hiring challenges. Taking applications, screening, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding dozens, hundreds or even thousands of new hires can lead to confusion, missed opportunities, lost time and wasted resources, including money. Application tracking gives managers the ability to review and hire the right applicants quickly and efficiently. Applicant tracking solutions are easy to use, require little training and do not require expensive hardware of software. By automating your hiring process, you can reduce your organization's recruiting costs by 40% or more.

Every job or position has requirements that go beyond the customary job description. When an employee's job duties conflict with their natural talent and skills, they suffer from tension and stress that can lead to organizational conflict and employee behavioral problems. Assessments will help you make the right hiring decisions and put the right people in the right positions, which will result in increased productivity, reduced stress, less tension, decreased conflict and a positive impact on your bottom line.

Employee & Career Development
One of the greatest challenges faced in organizations is the strategic personal development of their human capital in order to ensure effective use of their talent. In order to properly manage this vital resource, companies must identify their challenges and then implement training and employee development curriculum for improvement. Employee & Career Development strategies help manage employees who need improvement, the area in which they need further development and the progress they have made toward improving the necessary skills, retain and empower your employees by allowing them to develop and manage their career paths and align them with organizational strategy, and identify highly talented and productive employees who can become successors to key executives.

Learning Management
Organizations use learning management to have a competitive edge and a measurable impact on employee performance. The value of learning management solutions enables organizations to demonstrate the return on investment they make in training, and in turn they are able to continue improvement processes that drive higher levels of return through enhanced performance over time. Learning management strategies can help organizations manage the administrative aspects of learning such as registration, class enrollment, attendance and performance tracking, making it easier for managers and employees to create, implement and track personalized programs.

Jim Sirbasku is co-founder and CEO of Profiles International, a leading provider of human resource management solutions and employment assessments for businesses worldwide. For more information about talent management solutions, visit our website.

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